Global Day of Coderetreat

October 22, 2016

a day to celebrate passion and software craftsmanship

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Where is it happening?

This year so far, we have 115 participating cities! More are being added every day.

This event truly is global, organized and run in local communities by volunteers like you.

Check out the timeline to see when each local coderetreat takes place.

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It's Really Quite Simple...

Start with a simple programming problem: Conway's Game of Life.
Work with different partners to discuss and solve the problem.
We'll add restrictions to force you to consider different approaches.
After each round, throw out your code and repeat!

Host your own Coderetreat

Missed the Global Day of Coderetreat because there wasn't an event near you? Host your own!

Coderetreats are run by volunteers who want to help out their local developer community. Hosts handle all of the logistics, and facilitators guide participants through the exercises.

Coderetreats are easy to organize and facilitate. Most of all, they are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other developers in your area!

What are you waiting for? Grab a buddy and organize a coderetreat today!

Join hundreds of hosts who want to help developers in their community improve their craft.

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Paying it Forward

This year's Global Day of Coderetreat supports CoderDojo: a worldwide, volunteer-driven movement of programming clubs for young people. The sponsorship funds will go to directly to CoderDojo.

Be Cool and join us! Read this blog post to learn more about how you can support CoderDojo.

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